5 Great things about an African Cape winter

Cape aloes

Cape aloes

1. The Cape aloes blossom. There is little to touch the sight of these blooms, rampantly flowering all along the Cape coast. The intense red against that cold blue winter sky with the icy sea as backdrop – a uniquely Cape winter experience, and the sunbirds love them.


2. The summer price gouging comes to an end and all the restaurants offer specials, hoping to eke out the winter months and survive to ply another season.

3. Drinking red wine and port next to the fire every night. On cold days like today, lighting a fire first thing in the morning and making choc- chip pancakes and coffee for breakfast.

4. Lolling fully clothed on the beach during the warmth of the mid-day sun, something you don’t do in the heat of summer. Most days, there’s not a soul around, just a seagull or tern for company.DSC_6021


5. No mosquitoes!!


3 Responses to “5 Great things about an African Cape winter”

  1. 1 Lisa June 17, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Midwinter sunshine, the most comforting pleasure. Can I have a chocolate chip pancake please?

    Sure you can! They’re really flap-jacks, but calling them that seems to puzzle Americans – must mean something else over there.

  2. 2 shoreacres June 23, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Actually, “up north” flapjacks is the term for us, too. It was the word used in logging camps and such – but it’s still used. In fact, there’s a restaurant chain named Flapjacks and I know there was an animated cartoon that came out a couple of years ago about a character named Flapjacks.

    When I was growing up in Iowa, “pancakes” was our word, but cross the border into Minnesota and you’d better ask for flapjacks!

  3. 3 shoreacres June 23, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Oh – I forgot to mention. The Cape Aloes are beautiful. My Cape Honeysuckle have stopped blooming now – too hot. The rest of this week we’re going to be hitting 100 or better. This is NOT usual, and no one’s particularly happy about it. Including the honeysuckle.

    Boy, that is hot – and you says it’s not usual? Strange weather abounds, the town up the road from us had light snow the other day! Also very unusual for the African coast.

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