Jedi Moves

DSC_6229When I fetch Thomas from school he asks the same question – ‘What are we doing that’s fun today?’ After one of those annoying mornings my reply was a typical mother’s refrain, ‘Not every day is about having fun, you know.’

‘Maybe not for you’, he muttered, ‘but it is for me.’

I thought, geez, the kid’s right, why on earth shouldn’t every day be about having fun? Why do we grown-ups automatically think that fun is rationed and somehow not a daily activity?

Sure, you have to do the mundane crust earning stuff, but there’s always time to do something fun in-between. I tend to see fun as something big and planned, not something small and slipped into the course of a normal day.

Thomas will go to school (not fun), come home and practise Jedi moves with his light sabre for 45 minutes (fun), do his homework (not fun), then have tea and a rusk (fun) all without thought of diarising his enjoyment. He’s simply having fun when he’s having fun, and not having fun when he’s not.

He’s now pointed out that he doesn’t do Jedi moves, his light sabre is red, making him a Sith. Just so you know.


1 Response to “Jedi Moves”

  1. 1 shoreacres June 23, 2009 at 11:46 am

    When I made the move from wanting to have more “fun” in life and started enjoying what was at hand, things got better, fast. 😉

    Since I live in a tourist area and work in marinas, I get plenty of opportunity to observe folks who are determined to “have fun”, by gosh. It isn’t always a pretty sight.

    I’ll bet!

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