Missing Guinea Fowl Eggs

DSC_7173I found two guinea fowl eggs while trimming the lavender this  week-end. The nest has been abandoned and we’ve had a cold spell so I explained to the boys that these were babies that would never roam the garden.

This morning I noticed the eggs were missing. Thomas confessed that he has rescued them, put them somewhere warm, and is waiting for them to hatch. He won’t say where they are as he wants to be the first thing the baby fowls see, the de facto dad resulting from instant imprinting.

I’m going to have to hunt them down before I yank a towel from the linen cupboard or retrieve a jacket next winter, sending rotten guinea eggs hurtling through the air.


1 Response to “Missing Guinea Fowl Eggs”

  1. 1 shoreacres November 11, 2009 at 3:36 am

    My grandmother had guineas as watch fowl. What a racket.

    You never know about those eggs. I had a beautiful turquoise egret egg for 9 months with no problems. I made the mistake of putting it in a “nest” with straw, and kitty Dixie went after the straw and dumped the egg and broke one end. Otherwise, it might still be around 😉

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