Blogger’s Block

I’ve been very slack about posting lately, just seems that real life keeps intruding on my virtual world!

Gavin is leaving Abu Dhabi for good tonight and we’ll be back to being a family of four from tomorrow on.

I’m still nowhere on starting the B & B. The stairs are done and I’ve bought the linen, but the upstairs bathroom water isn’t as hot as it should be and our old plumbing is making horribly expensive groaning noises. I’ve been ignoring it until Gavin’s return, but sooner or later, probably sooner, something will have to be done. And it will have to be done before we have guests.

I’m having a bit of a crisis of confidence about the entire guest thing. People holidaying upstairs while we live like trolls downstairs trying to keep two noisy kids quiet!

But, needs must, and we are going to have to give it a bash. It might be fun. How bad could it really be?


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  1. 1 shoreacres February 5, 2010 at 5:05 am

    How happy you must be to know that you’ll all be together again. That’s worth a good bit – and more.

    I think it won’t be quite as much of a trouble as you fear, this B&B business. Part of the trick is turning what you see as a negative – noisy kids, all that – into a positive. You aren’t offering a sterile hotel room, you’ve giving a very few, very special people an opportunity to meet and interact with a South African family.

    A story: the Christmas I landed in Salisbury and at Stonehenge, I stayed in a place that was called an inn, but was more of a B&B. It was casual and fun and there was lots of interaction with the couple who ran the place. Christmas morning, they left an orange and a candy cane by each door – lovely touch.

    Anyway – Christmas night, after dinner, they said they just were going to go out for a bit and we should just take care of ourselves. They didn’t come back and they didn’t come back. We all went to bed, and finally, about midnight, there was such a yowling and pounding at the door. It was our gracious hosts, heavily into their cups and locked out of their own place! We let them in, got them to THEIR quarters, and had quite a laugh about it the next day, and the next, and …..

    No one complained, no one fussed. It was part of the charm of the whole thing. I’ll be writing about some trips over to Louisiana and a B&B there I stayed in. Wonderful place, with the most eccentric proprietress you can imagine. I loved it, and never would go anywhere else 😉

    I imagine you’ll have a “disaster” or two, but I’ll bet you have a good bit more fun!

    Thanks Linda! Comforting words – wise ones too!

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