Nights in Good Linen

Life is good in Sedgefield. Gavin has done so well, and lined up such a great income stream, that it looks as if having guests upstairs is no longer necessary. At least for now.

The guest lounge is now our office and I am posting a pic of the view from my new desk. I know it’s bragging, but I’m so in love with it you‘ll have to forgive me.

View from my desk

The guest bedroom is now ours and we can sit in bed having our morning coffee and watch the waves. I’ve purloined the expensive guest linen and my beloved and I sleep in the kind of luxury you usually have to pay good money for.

Sometimes, well most times, life is just too damned short not too spend your nights in 320 thread count percale.


2 Responses to “Nights in Good Linen”

  1. 1 shoreacres February 24, 2010 at 1:25 am

    OK. Let’s get this over with. Flaming envy, here. That is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. 🙂

    But gosh, I’m happy for you – that you have that view from your desk and an equal one for your morning coffee. By rights I should downgrade my apartment right NOW to save a couple hundred a month, but I can’t give up the view from my desk. It isn’t so splendid as yours, but it’s nice, and it’s mine 😉

    I hope things continue to develop positively for you. Isn’t it wonderful when decisions of the heart turn out right?

    And you really didn’t think I’d miss that title, did you? 😉

  2. 2 Jeannine February 24, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Ha! I know better than to ever try and get a musical reference by you, shoreacres!

    And, like using the good linen, sometimes saving a few hundred bucks just ain’t worth it! I’ve seen your view, and it’s wonderful.

    Adore the Italian version of Nights in White Satin!!

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