Late Summer Gardening

The drought has meant dismal business for the local nursery and they are having a massive sale. It’s late in the season for planting but who can resist a 2m high Cape Honeysuckle (tecoma capensis)  for less than the price of a pizza, and an abundance of indigenous flora for a buck or two.

The weather is perfect, the searing heat has gone and left behind a late summer haze. The mornings are misty until about ten, giving way to vivid blue skies and shimmering views over the water. I love this time of year, the Cape is at its best.

Gavin has been home a month today and life is settling into a rather blissful rhythm of wine drinking, swimming, eating and gardening. Reality has to intrude. . . maybe on Monday.

All that Abu Dhabi office weight is melting away. . .


4 Responses to “Late Summer Gardening”

  1. 1 Mike March 6, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Just before reading your blog, I’d been out in the garden, pruning a lemon verbena that has gone crazy, planting French tarragon, sage and perennial basil. As you say, the weather might just have settled to more nearly where it should be.

    I was up in Sutherland earlier this week, where they had rain on Thursday. Comment from a resident – “In the Karoo it is always so different if it rains…you actually smell new things.”

    • 2 Jeannine March 7, 2010 at 11:18 am

      I think I spoke too soon, Mike – there are heat wave warnings and tomorrow is going to be 38 degrees.

      Your herb garden sounds wonderful, lemon verbena is one of my favourites. Great that they had rain in the Karoo, and it’s true, the desert responds to rain like no other place, new smells must be a big part of that.

      BTW I love the mosaic on the side of your tree house. Did you do it yourself?

  2. 3 Mike March 7, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    The mosaic was done by Margie Ford, who lives in Plett. She gave the initial instruction to the group in Masithandane who undertake commissions for mosaic signs, etc. I had her make my sign as part of the process of raising mosaic awareness in Sedgefield. I think that the concept is catching on, gradually.

    I have a very low powered LED floodlight (5 watts) to put up when I have a moment to spare. It will make it more visible after dark. I love it and always enjoy looking at it as I drive in.

  3. 4 shoreacres March 8, 2010 at 2:58 am

    I love lemon verbena, too. I’ve never grown any, but if I can put my hands on lemon verbena soap, I’m a happy woman.

    I’ve just trimmed back my Cape Honeysuckle. It was starting to put on entirely too much new growth – if I didn’t get it trimmed, I’d loose all those blooms. That’s the problem with pot gardening – can’t let it just go.

    I heard doves cooing today, and it’s light now by 6:30 in the morning – you can see by 6. We’re on the way out of winter, finally. It’s been so cold for so long, I just can’t believe we’re turning the corner.

    I can’t believe it’s been a month since Gavin got home. My gosh, time flies! Moreso for you, I’ll bet!

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