Antique-ing and Carboot-ing

Old Cornish Ware flour shaker.

Our latest week-end obsession is trawling for stuff to sell on auction – and boy, is it fun. I could happily do it every day.

We’re up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays to scour the flea markets and car boot sales (the boys can now spot a hallmark at 10 paces) .

Last Saturday we stumbled on a dream car boot sale. Every item retrieved from the depths of the trunk was a treasure.

Solid silver Art Nouveau picture frame - the find of the day.

An art nouveau picture frame that was so black I only saw the hallmarks when I cleaned it at home, a Cornish Ware flour shaker from the 50s,  an antique, solid copper, water heater. . . it just went on and on.

The picture frame was a red-hot item which resulted in a bidding frenzy when I listed it on-line. I still have the copper water heater – polished up to a rosy sheen it’s too gorgeous to sell. For now anyway.

Old copper water heater with original cast iron lid.

5 Responses to “Antique-ing and Carboot-ing”

  1. 1 shoreacres October 5, 2010 at 10:54 am

    What fun! It’s pretty hard to find things like that around here any more. Ebay sellers have multiplied beyond belief, and they’re up every day scouring yard sales, garage sales, Goodwill stores, etc. for stuff to put up for auction.

    Maybe up in Houston the pickings would be better. After a hurricane rolls through garage sales don’t much happen for a while – not until the garages get rebuilt, anyhow.

    I’ve got some things I’d be willing to sell but they need to go up for auction rather than to a consignment shop, etc. Maybe this winter.

    It’s a good thing I never ran across that picture frame. I would have been tempted to bid!

  2. 2 Jeannine October 5, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    It’s a bit of a bun fight here too – this area is rotten with antique shops and the dealers swarm the sales. The boys are my secret weapon – no one sees two kids as threats, and they have eyes like hawks. Only downside is that they now want a share in the profits!

  3. 3 oh October 7, 2010 at 3:12 am

    J, geez, what fun! I think you’re a magniet for all the good stuff. The best part of us (blog readers): that you take pictures of the stuff to share. Love that copper water heater. Never even thought about one before, wouldn’t be able to describe it prior to this.

    But, no kidding, a carboot sale? We don’t have those. Maybe I could start them around here. It’s a grand idea. In fact, I could open my trunk (boot) right now and sell the stuff that’ sin there – tons and tons of clothes that I am (supposedly) going to drop off at Godowill ( a charity that sells things poeple drop off there when cleanint out there closets…or homes.)

    Anyway, this is great fun. Keep us posed on how it goes. I don’t get on e-bay but in truth, it beats the concept of the garage sales that are rife in our city, occuring on Wednesdays and Saturdays – wanna come to the States and cruise the garage sales?

  4. 4 Jakkie March 14, 2012 at 5:22 am

    Do you want to sell the old copper geyser?

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