Frog in my Shower, Mouse in my Bathroom


Shower frog.


Coastal cleanliness is not for the squeamish. The outside shower used by Gavin and the boys has a resident frog. He’s been living there very happily for a couple of weeks, probably attracted by the damp, and the newly hatching mosquitoes.

The boys move him gently to the side when showering, so that the hot water doesn’t bother him. He sits there quite passively until they’re finished, no rude, creepy leaping or invasive croaking.

The inside bath-room has a nocturnal, soap eating mouse. I put out a new cake – night one sees a few teeth marks. Night two – many more teeth marks, and by night three the bar is gone. I now have to remember to put the soap in a cupboard if we don’t want to keep Lux shareholders happy.

I can’t imagine soap is tasty or healthy. Maybe you have to be a mouse.


3 Responses to “Frog in my Shower, Mouse in my Bathroom”

  1. 1 shoreacres October 16, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    That is a very handsome frog. He could live at my house.

    As for the soap – the mouse may not be eating it. He may simply be carting off small chunks to put in teeny-tiny soap dishes in the tiny little suites of the mouse hotel he’s running in your backyard.

    Given the size of the soaps hotel keepers think humans need, a little bitten off chunk would be just the right size for a mousie! (Have you checked your linens, lately? Towels would be nice, too!)

  2. 3 oh October 18, 2010 at 3:13 am

    I admire teh things boys can live with: sheets all wrinkled and half off the bed, socks turned inside out and worn as “clean” again, sandwiches slapped together without even spreading the butter or cutting the sandwich, …and…frogs in the shower. No, I like frogs, find them whimsical in a way, but it’s the “leap factor” that would find me leaving the frog to completely own the place.

    Is the Luxe soap mint-enhanced? if yes, you have a mouse with a mint passion. Either that, or perhaps he has tons of laundry to do?

    Keep us posted on the critters. Yup, as mentioned, it’s sorta the B Potter element – love it.

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