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Catching A Burglar

At 4am, on a Friday night a few weeks ago, a noise woke Gavin and I. Gavin tiptoed to the bathroom window to peer out, and I sat bolt upright in bed. Suddenly, there was a movement at the bedroom blinds and a hand pushed its way through the open window. I screeched, Gavin looked out in time to see two men rushing out the front gate.

They’d climbed the stairs and opened the upstairs deck gate, attracted by what appeared to be an open, unguarded window. Our upstairs burglar bars are see-through so as not to spoil the view, they’re also virtually invisible, especially at night.

We didn’t hear any sound the next night, but on Sunday morning we could see footprints in the mud and tracks up the stairs. These guys were just not giving up, and we were pretty sure that they’d be back to try again.

Sure enough, the very next Friday, at about 3.30am, we heard the gate again. This time we made no sound. Gavin snuck downstairs and I pressed the panic button (twice, just to be sure!).

The armed response guy was here in less than 2 minutes, the burglar heard him but it was too late for escape. By the time he’d run down the stairs and tried to vault over the wall, the security guy was on the thief and had him in handcuffs.    The burglar had come alone this time, we later found out that his crony was breaking into a house 100 metres down the road.

The cops came and took our captive away to the Knysna police station where he spent the week-end in jail. He was charged with trespassing (!), paid an admission of guilt fine, and was out on Monday afternoon. We’ve had two peaceful week-ends since then so I am hoping he has figured that robbing our house is just too much hassle.

Our crime story made the local paper, check out the link.

Not Your Average Trucker

Snapped these pics at the Mossel Bay Truck Stop en route to Paarl last week.

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