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Bat Bite!

The evening summer heat means wide open doors and windows at dusk – and Vlad the Fruit Bat swooped right into the dining room last week.

Catching a trapped bat, with radar on full alert, is no easy task. Top tip, using a towel as a throw net works eventually.

He was pretty calm when caught, until I rudely exploded a high powered flash in his little rodent face. He sank his savage fangs (ok, very tiny teeth) into Gavin’s finger and wouldn’t let go until we took him outside and let him fly off into the dark.

Googling rabies is not for the weak stomached and Gavin went off to the doctor next day to see if he needed a shot. Rabies is not endemic to our area so hydrophobia  and mouth frothing are not in Gavin’s immediate future, thank heavens.

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