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Cape Winter Garden

Summer suits me. More hours of daylight, no bulky clothes, the kids live outside. And it’s not so godamned cold.

There are a few things that make winter bearable. Fires at night and red wine, fewer wrinkles due to sun damage, and the spectacular flowering of the Golden Shower and the Cape Aloe.

The Golden Shower is not indigenous, it comes from South America, but it’s been in this garden for decades and being a complete indigenous puritan is a bit dull anyway.

The Cape Aloe is not only striking but, according to Medicinal Plants, pretty darned useful too. Powder ground from charred leaves is applied to venereal sores and the plant is very effective for those suffering from irregularity, or who need temporary relief from chronic constipation. I never knew that, but part of me is glad I do now.

Cape Aloes

Golden Shower, starting to cover one of the back garden water tanks.

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