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Spring, White Wine & Tin Trunks

Orange Vygies - or mesembryanthemums if we are being formal.

Since Gavin got back from Vietnam we have been working  – him catching up on deadlines for his newspapers and me listing  items for on-line auctions. I have scoured the cupboards for old unused tea sets, bits of tarnished silver, books that have been boxed for years – it is my current obsession. We have also found a packaging company so can now list our middle Eastern stuff, including the trunks (shameless self promotion.)

Yesterday at mid-day the two of us were done with staring at the computer screen. We opened an icy bottle of Sauvignon blanc, unwrapped a Camembert, and spent the afternoon in the garden. A garden which is an orgy of spring flowers and birds, the first blossom has appeared on the apricot tree too. Bliss – I am going to eat outside every day until next winter.

Spot the blossom.

Art & Crafts from Iran

Our shipment is unpacked and the showroom is ready. We’ve had a couple of curious friends round and all of them have spent money, our stock is dwindling very rapidly.

A friend (the one with the fab beach house I really envy) bought a trunk and selection of tiles yesterday, then phoned this morning and placed an order for eight tiles for her sister in the UK. Seems selling is not going to be the problem, but keeping the place stocked is. A trip to Iran is on the cards in the next couple of months!

The Iranian tiles pasted below are the size of a comic book, hand painted and vividly coloured. Really beautiful, they have been snapped up.

Iranian tilesIranian tiles

Iranian tilesIranian tiles

You could call this Iranian patchwork. A very large piece of fabric comprising lots of small, hand embroidered, pieces of cloth. Quite exquisite.

Iranian shisha pipe - baked clay, bamboo and decorated with silk thread. Very different from the usual Middle Eastern shisha pipes.

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