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Gross Fowl Tale

One of the garden Guinea Fowl got its foot tangled up in some fishing line. It hopped on one leg during winter and only survived because Gavin fed the creature twice a day. Gavin made a few attempts at a rescue capture but the wild flapping and high pitched screeching put paid to that idea – the bird was also a bit flustered.

Last week, suddenly, there was no more limping and the line was gone. So, too, was one of three toes which pitched up on the paving in the back garden.

Roast Guinea Fowl


Looms. It’s a word media hacks love. Recession looms. Economic meltdown looms. Food shortages loom.
It’s the last one that makes me uneasy. We’re a family who love food and all the social rituals that go with it. A Sunday lunch with good wine, a crisp, golden roast chicken, potatoes, roast veg drizzled with olive oil. I don’t want a life without my big, organic fowl from Robertson’s farm just up the road.

An idea loomed. Every evening a flock of Guinea Fowl swarm into the garden, scratching thought the compost heap, eating any stray seeds they unearth. I like them and they are good for the garden despite their destructive ways. But I have seen delicious recipes for roast Guinea Fowl. If the worst happened . . . would the flock really notice that 40 had arrived and only 39 had left. . . . 


Unsuspecting victim sunning himself in the garden

Unsuspecting victim sunning himself in the garden

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